Product List

We offer 4 types of Mavel’s turbines.

Kaplan Turbine

- Installed worldwide at over 300 sites. - Suitable for plants of 20kW~20MW of named capacity.

Francis Turbine

- Installed at over 60 sites worldwide. - Suitable for plants of 100kW~30MW of named capacity. Available in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Pelton Turbine

- Turbine suited to high head heights, with installed power up to 30MW. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations with 1-6 nozzles.

Siphon Turbine

- Designed for low flow rates and low head heights, this modular system is easy to install and is available in 4 sizes with output range of 5kW ~ 160kW

Turbine Selection Table

Estimated Power
Generation Output[kW]
(Gravity Acceleration)
(Effective head)
(Flow rate)
(Total efficiency)

The values in the above figure are for reference only. Please contact us for details.

About MAVEL a.s.

JHD has signed an agreement to partner with Czech hydro turbine manufacturer MAVEL a.s. to deal in its product in Japan.

MAVEL, a.s. is a global leader in the provision of water-to-wire equipment for hydroelectric power plants utilizing turbines with installed capacity of 30 kW to 30 MW.

Founded in 1990, this Czech-American engineering and manufacturing company has over 100 proprietary designs for Kaplan, Francis, Pelton and TM micro turbines.

MAVEL’s turbines are installed in over 400 projects in 43 countries on five continents.